My name is Hannah.  Apparently that means “grace”, but with my history of tripping on air, falling down the stairs, and otherwise demonstrating the gracefulness of say, a potato, I trust there must be more to that word than physical movement. I am a middle aged wife of one, mother of four, and grandmother of three.  My life has been full of God’s chesed, his tender mercy.  From my very first post:

Chesed is a word I learned in seminary, what seems like multiple lifetimes ago.  Chesed is a beautiful Hebrew word meaning “lovingkindness” or, as the title of this blog indicates, tender mercy.  In the Old Testament, chesed is used to describe how God relates to His people, people who ran the gamut from noble and praiseworthy to deceitful and shameful. No matter what the state of the people, God always dealt with them as a kind, loving, nurturing parent, always acting in their best interest and with compassion at the root of even what looked like harsh discipline.

Looking over my life, I see the same thing: chesed.  Every step I have taken, even those markedly outside of my understanding of God’s plan, has been flanked by God’s tender mercy, leading me, ultimately, closer to Him.

I have a sweet friend who has encouraged me, perhaps unknowingly, to keep my eyes open and watch for God’s tender mercy in my life each day.  Whether it’s a Facebook post, an act of kindness, a surprise blessing…what it is matters less than the fact that I am now being more mindful of God’s intentional interaction with me, every day.  My hope is that, by sharing the tender mercy of God in my life, you will realize His tender mercy in yours, as well.

That’s why I write.  Please enjoy and, if you are blessed, please let me know.